Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and ballroom dancing.

This is my Belle-from-Beauty-and-the-Beast dress! Our next door neighbor made it for her daughter ten years ago and fixed it up for me last minute. She's the best! I wore it trick-or-treating for a little while. (Yes, even though we don't care for Halloween in general we do go trick-or-treating. As kids we like the candy of course, but it is actually a great way to see the neighbors, lol!) My brother Michael said it wasn't obvious that it was a Belle dress but numerous comments proved him wrong!
After about a dozen houses we had to head home so we could leave for ballroom dancing class. I met Samuel. No bad surprises there. He is polite, a bit taller than me, and learns at about the same pace. I think it will work fine. Dancing went well. The only bad part was my shoes kept catching on my hem and one of the ruffle-seams came untacked and it was dragging on the floor. Kind of embarrassing to deal with but I survived. :-} I can't wait to try it in my non-tripping length skirts. (To Aliisa: Not to say I wouldn't try a SiegmannSquare skirt, lol!) I think learning how to follow the guy's lead will be very interesting. I seem to have picked up a bad habit of watching the guy's feet from my attempts at round dancing with my dad. Apparently I'm supposed to look over their shoulder.


  1. Oh, that dress is beautiful! I can't believe someone made it! You look wonderful in it!

    As to dancing and not tripping in a SiegmannSquare skirt . . . I haven't been able to manage it! haha Usually I trip at least once, if not twice during the course of an evening. Although most of the time it's just me being a klutz! The skirt I usually dance in is a little long, but all it takes is me taking the time to shorten it! But I still love wearing them! I wear them every day!

    Did you dance in the same dress you wore trick-or-treating? That would be a little difficult!


  2. Groovy dress...even I was able to make the Beauty and the Beast correlation, and I haven't seen that movie in ages!!! Silly Michael. So, had a drug overdose on Saturday...not even kidding! I took two teaspoons of Codeine instead of 1. I went to bed at 10:00 expecting a blissful night sleep, but instead woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain at quarter to 11:00. My entire stomach felt like it was one huge HORRIBLY sore muscle-I couldn't even stay laying down. I leaped up into a sitting position, gasping for air. It fel like someone had laid a cinderblock on my chest while I slept. Sitting up kind of eased the pain a little bit. I attributed the stomach pain to not having eaten anything with the medicine. It felt a tiny bit better when I stood up, so I staggered upstairs and ate something. It felt a little better after that, and I started walking around the house. (I was all alone; Ben was out and Mom was in Milwaukee). I seriously contemplated calling an ambulance, but as it slowly got better I just collapsed in bed and fell asleep again. It wasn't until the next morning that I discovered I had taken double what I should have. I also discovered that Codeine slows down your heart, and that was why I was having trouble breathing. Additionally, they give Codeine in large doses to patients in hospice to help ease their suffering. Apparently, if I'd taken just that much more I could have died. Of course I never called an ambulance. I take after my Dad that way.

    So, there you have it, my excting story of a drug overdose and subsequent NDE (near-death-experience). Have a good week and abstain from taking double doses of strong prescription drugs. Praise God for safety in spite of stupidity!!!


  3. Shane: Wow! I would have been really scared if that had happened to me when I was all alone! Of course I take medicine so rarely that I still ask my mom what to take if I feel bad enough to want some. :)
    Aliisa: Yes I wore the same dress dancing (they said we could wear costumes). It was a little difficult, but I couldn't pass up the chance to ballroom dance in it, hehe. About the SS skirts: I don't know when I'll see y'all next, but eventually I would like a copy of the pattern so I can try making one. :)

  4. Sweet dress! I agree with Shane, Michael doesn't know what he is talking about. Totally Beauty and the Beast. Glad you are enjoying ballroom dancing!

  5. Hey again Liz. Yeah, just say "NO" to drugs. ;-)- I have a feeling you're braver than you give yourself credit for. :-)-
    But still, it was kinda scary. I was yelling it hurt so bad. Next time I will call an ambulance!

    So, guess what? You and your family are on my new-and-improved, super-groovy prayer list. ;-)- The speaker at the retreat I told you about has a motto: "Much prayer much blessing, some prayer some blessing, no prayer no blessing." He keeps a list of people to pray for, and reviews it weekly. Mine is currently small enough to do this daily, but you guys made it on. I'd be interested to hear how you guys are doing some time.

    You and your skirts...I remember when we first went to L&F you and Hannah and Michelle all wore those pink ones. And I think you had a long blue denim one too. Not really my kinda clothing, which is probably good. ;-)- It's cool you're into them though. Although I do know a lot of guys who wear kilts. ;-)-
    Don't know where the kilt thing came from.
    Anyways, I'll ttyl.