Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainbow Camp

This isn't our picture but it captures the week. And we did have fruit loops. :)

Last week was Camp Week for our family. Valerie, Michael, Stephanie and my mom went our Awana honors camp, and my dad, Laura, David, Brian, and I did Rainbow Camp at home. Christopher wasn't left out, since he is working up at the camp in Wisconsin all summer.

I loved doing Rainbow Camp! This was the second year in a row I kept house while Mom went with the older kids, and this year was even better. Mostly because I was actually excited instead of nervous. Also, the basement didn't flood the night before (thank You, Jesus!) The reason it's called Rainbow Camp is that every day we do a different color theme. We wear the color, eat the color, even play games or activities related to the color. It has been so neat to spend this extra-involved time with my little sibs, as well as more time with my dad. They are such a blessing! It was also been a super practice opportunity for "playing Mom". I was telling my dad that it's not the individual jobs that are the challenge; I'm basically able to make meals, clean house, do the laundry, direct kiddos, etc. The hard part is being responsible for all of it, or as my grandma put it, "doing it all at the same time". Designing a well-planned schedule makes such a difference. The kids thrived with it. And you know what their favorite part was? Quiet Time after lunch. Yep, they like to read. I liked Quiet Time too, but I think directing Outside Games was my favorite part.

I thank God for where He has me right now. Did you know I have a home-schooling God? He has me at a perfect training ground. "He knows the path that I take." I wouldn't trade it for the world.
The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.  
The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. 
-Psalm 16:5-6

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Quote

"If you don't like holiness, then you probably won't like God." - Eric Ludy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011