Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out of the blue, a surprise for me too!

Want to hear about the newest development in my life? Ok, here goes. Michelle and Ryan (my friends who are getting married next spring) wanted to to take a ballroom dancing class. Hannah wanted to take the class too. But she needed a partner, so she asked my brother Chris (someone safe who actually is willing to at least square dance, and will be going to the wedding besides). He agreed. Then Michelle's parents and my parents decided that they wanted to take the class too. My mom realized I would probably feel left out, which was true, but I told her to go ahead and do it. It would be fun to watch them go through it. And besides, they promised to come home and teach me everything anyway. Thus I warmed to the whole idea.
They went to their first week of class last week. When they got home they told me, "Good news!"
"What?", I replied.
"We signed you up for the class!", they said.
I was flabbergasted. "WHAT!? WITH WHO?!?!"
"Who's Samuel?"
As it turned out, they had not actually signed me up yet. What had happened was that there was a couple at the class that the Carols were somewhat aquainted with. They mentioned that their 16-year-old son had really wanted to take the class but had no partner. (*!*) You can guess what happened after that. Both sets of parents went home and asked their respective children and recieved affirmative answers. So next week I start class with someone who none of us have met yet! Should be interesting! I am excited to be able to join the class though!


  1. Ballroom dancing? Oh how fun!!! I know just round dancing is a blast, and I'm sure ballroom dancing is a lot harder! And if Samuel wants to learn ballroom dancing, he shouldn't be too weird. ;) Just kidding!

    Have fun dancing!

  2. Not quite sure what Ballroom dancing is but that is pretty sweet!! I suppose you guys could demonstrate it to me when I'm getting taught square dancing haha. Look forward to an update!

  3. Interesting...sounds like a blind squaredancing date. Lol jk. Have fun and keep in touch. Left a comment on your chatroom about my nearly-very-bad drug overdose on Saturday. Ahve to tell you about it soon. Adios.