Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out of the blue, a surprise for me too!

Want to hear about the newest development in my life? Ok, here goes. Michelle and Ryan (my friends who are getting married next spring) wanted to to take a ballroom dancing class. Hannah wanted to take the class too. But she needed a partner, so she asked my brother Chris (someone safe who actually is willing to at least square dance, and will be going to the wedding besides). He agreed. Then Michelle's parents and my parents decided that they wanted to take the class too. My mom realized I would probably feel left out, which was true, but I told her to go ahead and do it. It would be fun to watch them go through it. And besides, they promised to come home and teach me everything anyway. Thus I warmed to the whole idea.
They went to their first week of class last week. When they got home they told me, "Good news!"
"What?", I replied.
"We signed you up for the class!", they said.
I was flabbergasted. "WHAT!? WITH WHO?!?!"
"Who's Samuel?"
As it turned out, they had not actually signed me up yet. What had happened was that there was a couple at the class that the Carols were somewhat aquainted with. They mentioned that their 16-year-old son had really wanted to take the class but had no partner. (*!*) You can guess what happened after that. Both sets of parents went home and asked their respective children and recieved affirmative answers. So next week I start class with someone who none of us have met yet! Should be interesting! I am excited to be able to join the class though!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Launching! with pictures

This week my brothers and Dad competed in a pumpkin launching contest at the church we're going to. It was great fun to watch! They made the whole trebuchet out of materials that we already had. Readying for a launch: The team=Stephanie, Chris, friend Matt, Dad, and Michael: Pulling back... And release! One team had a seriously cool-looking ballista: Below; on the left is a super-tall slingshot; it won in the distance competition. I think it went about 450 ft. on it's best launch. On the right is another (bigger than ours) trebuchet. It placed second, I believe. Our team was getting less than 100 ft. in the distance competition, but after that they added some length to the throwing arm, and it was getting up to 180 ft... good enough to get 3rd in the accuracy competition!

Update on school

Okay, I got the less-than-deserved miracle. I didn't plead or try to bargain for it, but I was permitted to go lessons last week. I'm still kind of surprised about it. Anyway, I am still not caught up in school, but I am feeling more hopeful. I can't slack off at all though or I will lose any momentum I had. So continue to pray!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

School: a prayer request.

For all my loyal readers out there: I have a prayer request. I need Help keeping up with my schoolwork. I knew this year would be one where I learned how to work, and hopefully grow past the indiligence that I've been plagued with for years. But I'm not "arrived" yet. I started the school year promisingly enough, but now I am falling behind in varying degrees (depending on the subject). An uncomfortably-wrapped blessing has been that my parents have done some deadline and grading reforms, that is, they are enforcing more consequences if we do not finish the week's school on time. That helps me, because I am not naturally internally motivated. But punishments are punishments, and the one that hits where it hurts is the newest: No square dance class unless school is done. So last week I didn't go, and I won't be able to this week either, barring a less-than-deserved-miracle. Short-term goal: I want to stop the trend and go next week. Longer-term goal: I want to be able to stay caught up! Please pray!