Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Post-It note for Aliisa

Hey Aliisa, do you have an email address? If so, do you check it often? If you're willing, I'd like to exchange addresses. :) If you're agreeable to that, reply to this post. If you leave your address, I'll email you and then delete the comment. Otherwise I'll leave my address and when you (hopefully) email me I'll delete the comment. My reason for deleting the comments is simply for security's sake. I don't really want either of our email addresses waiting around for spammers to find.
Hope to hear from you soon! ~*~elizabeth

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on school

Keep praying!
I'm basically all caught up in every subject except... physics and writing, the two most time-consuming ones. For physics, I need to work on doing some every day. It's a subject that is hard to do more than a day's worth in a day. For writing, I need to just... start! If I think about what to write for too long, but never put down the first sentence, nothing happens. (I can see the novel-length comments from Shane already... :P ) I am a couple projects behind still.
Not much of a post, but that's all for now! Thanks so much for your prayers!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 4

I got next to zero school done on Tuesday. But I had a good reason! Chris and I served as election judges. It was a very long day; we had to be at the polling site by 5AM and didn't leave until after 8. But it was a neat experience. There were 3 precinct voting at this particular site (our church, as a matter of fact) and Chris and I were assigned to the least populous precinct... hurray! One perk, besides the good pay (that's not sarcastic) was getting to wait and see when there were no lines before taking my turn to vote. There actually was no point at which 0 voters were present, even when the polls opened. The lowest it ever got to was 2 people. Turnout was about 50%, which is pretty high. I like that my first chance to vote was a Presidential election, despite the results. As it turned out though, in our precinct, McCain won over Obama. But it was close, and in the neighboring precinct Obama won by 5 votes.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and ballroom dancing.

This is my Belle-from-Beauty-and-the-Beast dress! Our next door neighbor made it for her daughter ten years ago and fixed it up for me last minute. She's the best! I wore it trick-or-treating for a little while. (Yes, even though we don't care for Halloween in general we do go trick-or-treating. As kids we like the candy of course, but it is actually a great way to see the neighbors, lol!) My brother Michael said it wasn't obvious that it was a Belle dress but numerous comments proved him wrong!
After about a dozen houses we had to head home so we could leave for ballroom dancing class. I met Samuel. No bad surprises there. He is polite, a bit taller than me, and learns at about the same pace. I think it will work fine. Dancing went well. The only bad part was my shoes kept catching on my hem and one of the ruffle-seams came untacked and it was dragging on the floor. Kind of embarrassing to deal with but I survived. :-} I can't wait to try it in my non-tripping length skirts. (To Aliisa: Not to say I wouldn't try a SiegmannSquare skirt, lol!) I think learning how to follow the guy's lead will be very interesting. I seem to have picked up a bad habit of watching the guy's feet from my attempts at round dancing with my dad. Apparently I'm supposed to look over their shoulder.