Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 4

I got next to zero school done on Tuesday. But I had a good reason! Chris and I served as election judges. It was a very long day; we had to be at the polling site by 5AM and didn't leave until after 8. But it was a neat experience. There were 3 precinct voting at this particular site (our church, as a matter of fact) and Chris and I were assigned to the least populous precinct... hurray! One perk, besides the good pay (that's not sarcastic) was getting to wait and see when there were no lines before taking my turn to vote. There actually was no point at which 0 voters were present, even when the polls opened. The lowest it ever got to was 2 people. Turnout was about 50%, which is pretty high. I like that my first chance to vote was a Presidential election, despite the results. As it turned out though, in our precinct, McCain won over Obama. But it was close, and in the neighboring precinct Obama won by 5 votes.


  1. I like to refer to him as "Obama Bin Lyin'." Lol.

    Even though the world seems like it is on the highway to hell, we still need to have a good witness!
    Romans 13. "There is no authority on earth except that which God has established." Take heart...and when the liberals ask for change, tell them you don't have any. ;-)-


  2. Lol Shane! You are right though. We need to trust that God is in control. "A good man will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord." Psalm 12:7 (I didn't find this verse, a friend here at school posted it as his status so I take no credit).

    That sounds like an interesting experience! Glad you had fun! Wow, those votes are pretty close! No wonder it was a record turn out. :)

    See ya at Thanksgiving I hope!
    Corey <><

  3. I heard Obama got 99% of the black vote, and that 70% of people who had never voted before voted in this election. Scary.

    But still, God is in control! God Bless.