Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: 2011

Every Thanksgiving our mom has us write what we are thankful for in our "Thanksgiving Scrapbook". There are also pictures of the day, and a verse that my dad picks out.

Here is what I wrote this year:
Thankfulness Two Thousand Eleven
Nothing tops Jesus, the sweet taste of heaven
Ellerslie, a year of blessing
Hero-training, waiting and testing
Priceless family, days at home
Precious study, times near the Throne
Working and learning, an endless frontier
To Jesus be all my thanksgiving this year.
                      ~*~ Elizabeth

I thank Him for you, my friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Just Because!

Although I've been attempting to establish a tradition for the month (things to be thankful for on Thursday) but I didn't have a post ready this week. Instead, take a minute and meditate on  the verse my Hero-Training class memorized this week: everything give thanks...

I told them the story of Corrie and Betsy ten Boom giving thanks for the fleas as they were prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp. Then I asked the kiddos what the hardest thing for them to give thanks for was. Their answer: Mosquitoes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Good Books

I heard once that you can tell a lot about someone by what's on their bookshelf. Apparently I am not the same person that I was before Ellerslie (no one ever is!) because ever since I came back my book collection has, without any conscious action on my part, taken on a whole new character. Stick around and I'll take you on a virtual tour of all my best books... well, almost all of them.

Exhibit A
One of the shelves of my dresser. Baby name books, assorted Christian books, my NASB and Precious Moments Bibles, miscellaneous journals, calligraphy books, and on the far right, the novel of novels, Scottish Chiefs.

Exhibit B
The it-didn't-fit-on-the-shelf stack atop my dresser. With the exception of The Believer's School of Prayer by Andrew Murray, these are all post-Ellerslie. The pink book is by a fellow student.

Exhibit C
My primary music collection. L-R: Guitar music folder, piano music folder, church worship team collection, Ellerslie song collection, hymnal. 

Exhibit D
My current bedside study stack. Because He Loves Me (thanks Kristen!!!), The Calvary Road, and the dual-service notebook. Also my very old KJV Bible.

Exhibit E
The best for last! This stack goes upstairs and downstairs every single day, minus the concordance. My NKJV Bible, Journal, and mechanical pencil are my best friends. More of Jesus!!!  Books that point to Him are worth giving thanks for.

PS: You know how there's always somebody who misses picture day and doesn't get their pretty face included in the yearbook? Well, here too. Not pictured: Rees Howells - Intercessor, and my Ellerslie Session Notes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Grandparents

I am blessed to have five terrific grandparents, all living. I would like to share why my grandparents are so great.

Grandpa (My dad's dad) - He introduced me to a love for playing piano. He was the first piano teacher I had, and the one who challenged me to take it up again when I was a teenager. Now I love playing on his grand piano, not the least because I think he enjoys hearing me! I also love his constant wisecracks and jokes, and the fact that he was a square dance caller!

Grandma (My dad's mom) - She is always serving. Preparing food, helping grandkids with constant requests, and never complaining about it, ever. But she's not a pushover. She is, however, one of the gentlest, most clear-headed people I know. She taught me and Valerie how to sew... a great gift.

Gramma M (My mom's mom) - She is so many things: a hairdresser by trade, a gift-giver by nature. I love that she visits every year, even though she lives in California. She is also a tireless servant, washing dishes and scrubbing bathtubs without ever being asked (like we would!). She keeps us on our toes - if we don't do our chores fast enough, she will! I love that she is still an active square dancer, and looks amazing in the fancy dresses. :) She always sends a card for each birthday, half-birthday (family practice), and anniversary.

Grandpa O (My mom's dad) -  He built our favorite swingset, despite our "help". That is only one of the many projects that he has tackled when he came to visit. (He lives in Washington State, formerly California.) He is a very diligent worker. At one time he worked at a station above the Arctic Circle. I like his Canadian accent that you can hear sometimes. With him as my partner, we pulled ahead for a great victory in Spite & Malice! (his and Grandma Jan's favorite card game).

Grandma Jan (My mom's stepmom) - Even though we are not biologically related, she has always and will always be a grandma to me. She is very candid and intelligent and a great person to converse with. I always like hearing about places they've traveled. I think it's great how she and Grandpa O play golf together. She remembers our birthdays, too!

Thank you for being such wonderful grandparents! I love you!