Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Best Thank-You Card Giver In The Whole World

I love my sister. The other day she was showing me the thank-you cards she had made for our grandparents for Christmas and such (better late than never!) I liked them so much that I told her,
"You are the best thank-you card maker in the whole world. I hope I draw your name [for the gift exchange] next Christmas so I can get a thank-you card from you!"
I think it was only the next day that she gives me this:

If you didn't understand all of that, don't feel bad. Reading her writing is like solving a good riddle or code (fun!). I'm still not sure what the part about the green paper (apperpay) is about. LOL. 
When you pray for little sisters (or brothers), God is so good! I love you, Laura!