Thursday, July 29, 2010

When God Writes Your... College Story?

A thought occurred to me one day.
You know, I have given God the pen to write my love story. I believe He is going to "write" something really good. I am waiting with anticipation and watching for His lead and direction. I am trusting Him without too much of a struggle. But there are other stories in life besides romance. Am I trusting God with my college story?
I realized that even though I had given my love story over to God early on, there were other things that I was still anxious over. Namely, college. The normal route of finishing high school on time and going straight to college or at least community college, didn't fall into place for me. When I was younger, I always thought I would go to college. My parents both went to college, and that's just what people who were good at school and wanted to make something out of their life did, right? Maybe not. I didn't believe in going to college just for "the experience". I really didn't want to invest any time and money unless I knew it was worth it. So I didn't enroll anywhere. True, a big part of that was some unfinished homeschool business. But I believe that God has been leading me even with that.

Last year, I heard about a school out in Colorado called Ellerslie School of Honor. It was started this year by Eric and Leslie Ludy, authors of When God Writes Your Love Story and many other good books. They were offering a 10-week summer course for this summer. I was very interested, but the dates interfered with our already-planned trip to Washington, and I knew it wouldn't work. Still, I couldn't forget about it. It really felt like God wanted me to go. Maybe next summer? Then they announced that because of the high demand, they would be holding another 10-week session this fall. That was when I knew God wanted me to apply. As I've been praying, I asked Him to make everything fall into place if He wanted me to go. And they have been. Even finances! So yesterday I submitted my application. It's in God's hands.

Are you giving God the pen for all the stories in your life?


  1. What a great thought! If it weren't for some obvious things God did to get me to Kettering, I'd be worried I hadn't allowed Him to write that part of my life. Thankfully He has me exactly where He wants me right now, even if I feel rather restless right now at the thought of working 8-5 the rest of my life after graduation. If it is His will, I will embrace it as any mission from God. Anyway, He will reveal what my future holds when the time is right.

    I'm so excited that you are going to Ellerslie!! Have you heard the amazing things God is doing there?! I'm am praying that God opens doors for me to go there once I finish school. A time of focused growth in Christ would be very beneficial.

    Keep leaning on HIM!
    Corey <><

  2. This is awesome, Liz! I checked out the link to the Ludy's university and I think it is awesome. I will be praying for you hardcore, that you will embrace what God has for you this fall and grow much in your understanding of Him. 2 Peter 1:3-4. God Bless.


  3. "The Christian witness in our modern world is missing something. It is missing it’s nobility, it’s majesty, it’s gallantry, and it’s Kingdom decorum. Christianity has lost it’s understanding of holiness, of living as if we are in the throne room of a King."

    I hope your journey to the Ludy's University is amazing. Sometimes when we seek God's will for our lives it is not so much about what we expect to find but the unexpected ways God teaches us what to expect from Him. Be mindful as God moves in your life that your "expecteds" are a witness in our modern world. While we strive towards holiness, remember that we are called to holiness, not perfection and that our witness of Him in our lives should be used to draw others to Him.

    As you follow the model that God has called you to follow, don't forget that you model that to others, who can be put off by holiness if holiness has become a tool to show others how imperfect they are. I believe that I want others to be drawn to Jesus through my actions and heart's desire to seek him. I don't want to be the one that causes someone to reject Christ because my "Christ-likeness desire" is nothing like Christ. Would His desire to write our love story for relationships, college, employment, etc, be fraught with chapters of how we offended others, just to get to the perfect conclusion?

    Follow God's will for your life and live your life not as a statement of your perfection in God's eyes, but rather a statement of what God has done in your life. Without Him, we are all nothing. With Him we are joint heirs with Jesus. None of us deserve Him. Be grateful He is leading your life.