Friday, July 15, 2011

Maturity is a funny thing.

  • Remember how when your mom told you to set the table you needed her to get the plates and cups down for you because you couldn't reach them?
  • Remember how when you were younger, your dad had to pitch the baseball about 20 times before you could hit it?
  • Remember when 7x8=? was a hard question? And 3X+2=14 didn't look like a sensible question at all?
  • Remember when you couldn't start the push-mower by yourself because you couldn't pull the ignition string hard enough?
  • Remember when writing a 300-word essay sounded as hard as writing a book?
  • Remember how when you were first learning to drive, you had to concentrate so hard just to stay in your lane? 
  • Remember when flying by yourself within the United States sounded super-daunting? 
Those are just part of growing up here on earth. But there's another realm to grow in.
  • Remember when Bible stories were only stories and not "doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness"?
  • Remember when you did your devotions because you knew you were supposed to and not because you would feel spiritually hungry if you didn't?
  • Remember when your time, body, money, effort, affections, and future weren't surrendered to the One they belong to?
  • Remember when praying for more than 5 minutes felt like forever? How about 30 minutes? An hour? All night? (My little brothers still feel that more than 30 seconds is a stretch.)
  • Remember when you didn't know how to say "No!" to the enemy?
  • Remember when sermons were boring because you didn't have any interest in them?
  • Remember when you didn't care about the souls of the people around you? Or those on the other side of the world?
  • Remember when you read Bible verses but didn't get them yet?
  • Remember when you didn't love Jesus as much as you do today?
This list is not one of things I have mastered. Most of these areas can never be mastered. There's always room to grow, farther to go. But that's part of the adventure!

Farther up and further in!


  1. wow. those are some really good thoughts Elizabeth!! thanks. It is so neat to look back in my life, and see how much I've grown and how much God has changed in me! praise the king! =)

  2. Hello Elizabeth!
    Thank you for reminding me to REMEMBER. Remember where I used to be and see what God has accomplished in me. He IS changing me. He IS pressing me in and pulling me on. He is EVER faithful!
    Thank you for reminding me:D

  3. Hey Liz,
    Great post. I feel like I wrestle with these things a lot as I stop and realize how fast the past 3 or 4 or 5 years have gone by. So fast. And God has been faithful and done so much work. And I have grown enormously. It causes me to rejoice in God's faithfulness and it makes me excited for the future. But it also causes me to really reflect to examine where I have grown and where I have been stagnant, where I can be thankful for victory and what are things I need to focus on and stop ignoring. Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder to keep growing and not be satisfied with where I am. :) I hope you have had a great summer and a very very happy 21st birthday! <3 morgan