Thursday, May 26, 2011

In 10 words or less...

The other day while I was shelving books at the library (my part-time job), the back of one book caught my eye. It was a memoir, or some sort of learn-from-my-life book by Valerie Bertinelli. Except for shelving her books -she has more than one- I would have no idea who she was, but I think her claim to fame is that she lost weight and looks 48 going on 21.  Anyway... on this back cover there was a quick character sketch survey, ie, name/height/weight/purpose in life/etc. It was the very last one that grabbed me, though.

Everything you know in 10 words or less:
Her answer: "Love, you always have a choice, exercise, portion control".

Ok, good for her. It shows what is important to her and what she wants to communicate to others. But what about me? How would I sum up everything I know in 10 words or less? What do I know? Anything? (My parents and teachers hope so.) And if so, what would I want to communicate to another?

As I considered how to best use my 10 words, I finally came to the conclusion: I only need three. Everything else is extraneous.

My answer: Jesus is all.

How about you? What is everything you know in 10 words or less?

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  1. Funny, this is the realization I just posted about in my blog as well only in a different way.