Thursday, February 17, 2011

A kid's dream come true!

I hope I never grow out of loving snow.

Brian (I think he might've just been hit by a snowball.)

Ever measure drifts by how many rungs of the ladder are buried?

*open the door very carefully*

That's David, in case you couldn't recognize him.

Who needs more than a tunnel to get into the garage?

You can see the average depth here.

Our industrious workers. Don't quit now, we've only started!

 6 hours later. We did it!

A beautiful sunset after a beautiful sunny, snowy, shovel-y day.


  1. Woah!! I wish it snowed that much here!!!I have always wanted to open the door and have it blocked with snow!

  2. Wow. You guys got more drifting then we did. Twas nice to have the day off to play around in it. Enjoyed your yearly snow post.