Monday, September 20, 2010

Seeing Red

We had a fantastic tomato harvest this year! I love growing tomatoes almost as much as I love eating them. :)
Laura was a great helper for picking the tomatoes. We had about 14 plants. Compare this picture to when we first planted!
We planted a couple varieties: I don't remember what the huge ones were, (Early Girl, maybe?), but the medium ones were Beefsteak (thanks, Ert!), the oblong ones were Roma, and of course the wee cherry tomatoes.
This is one day's pickings! It had been a few days since the last picking, but we were literally picking buckets at a time. The cone has cherry tomatoes in it.
This was the same day, but combined with the rest that we had on hand. There's no way we could eat them all raw (not everyone likes them as much as I do), so my mom has been making batches of tomato sauce.


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! YUM!!! Love the pictures:-)

  2. Yum. We had a pretty good harvest as well. Man, I feel hungry now. lol