Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aslan is on the move...

The first week of March is my favorite time of the whole year! At least weather-wise. It's that first hint of warmth after winter... the wondrous sunshine... the bright blue sky! It's when you realize you didn't have to wear your coat and gloves after all... when 40 degrees Fahrenheit actually feels great! But the air is still brisk and so deliciously fresh that you breathe deeply for the joy of it. It's the perfect weather for exercising. Maybe everything's not green yet, but that's all right. It'll come, and I'll enjoy that too. But this first week of March, that point where you realize that winter is capitulating to spring, this is glorious.

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  1. I know! It was so wonderful today to be outside with just a sweatshirt and to drive my car with the window down (okay so I a bit crazy in my rebellion against cold weather but still). Ah, it was wonderful. I love God's "climate change". Hehe.