Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keep off the sidewalks!

I finally got my driver's license yesterday - on 9/9/09! :D Thanks, Mom and Dad for making me drive all the time these last few months. I'm glad that I wasn't pushed into driving, but I'm glad that you were wise enough to not let me put it off forever. You're the best!

(PS: To anyone who heard the above news via Facebook: that's just one more reason why I don't need a Facebook. If anything of importance happens, Chris can and probably will announce it to the world for me. :P )


  1. Yeah!!!! Sweetness. So you enjoying this new found freedom in life? Thinking about getting a car or what? What else is happening these days? School going well? Playing guitar at church still?

  2. Nope not really. :) Chris just got his license this week (really keep off the sidewalks now! lol) and I think he's driven by himself more than I have already! No, a car is not in my near future - I don't need one (and the insurance is enough to pay for as it is.) ;) School's ok; yes I am still playing guitar @ church, about once a month. The piano player is back so my job is easier now because I'm not the lead instrument anymore (but now I have to play in keys like Eb - you can't win in everything!).