Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp, imminent.

On Saturday, my Dad, Chris, Val, Michael, and Stephanie are going to camp (that which was formerly known as Awana Scholarship Camp). They are super excited. It is exceedingly strange to not be going - I've gone for the last 8 years! But now I'm too old (or, if you ask my dad, I had no more handbooks to complete). Those who are remaining at home are going to be doing Year 2 of Color Camp. Each day is designated a color, and we do our best to wear, eat, and do activities of that color. So that should be fun.
Pray that it is a great week and that God does a great work in the campers' lives. Every year that I went I was challenged and energized in my walk with the Lord. Pray also that the high schoolers' mission trip (to a day camp for Peoria inner-city kids) is a blessing to them and brings many to salvation.


  1. I will be praying. The camp sounds awesome from what you and Vanessa have told me. I never went to the camp, but I did make it through Sparkys. Lol.

    Have fun with color camp, lol. That's awesome. God will be with you through your time away from the camp.

    I'm experiencing a similar sadness/strangeness related to not participating in a summer tradition-Cornerstone. I've gone for the past consecutive four years and loved every minute of it-meeting the people and rocking out to the shows and just loving the atmosphere of the whole festival.
    But, I'm out of a job and saving for college so I can't go this year. But I'm sure I will find other fun things to do.

    You and your family are constantly in my prayers. Maybe I'll see you guys sometime soon. TTYL and God Bless.


    P.S. Oh yeah, my Dad got married! Not a great move in my opinion, but all I can do is pray that God guides both my Dad and his new wife. I have the house to myself now til August, which has its advantages and disadvantages. But, it could be better could be worse.

    Oh yeah, pray fro my Statistics (I've nicnamed it "sadistics") class. I failed my first test and want badly to do better on the next one. TTYL.

  2. You are struggling in Statistics too ay? I could try giving ya a hand as I went through that just this last term. I am also currently out of a job so I say you and I clonk heads together and find sweet, really inexpensive, fun things to do. What do you say? :)