Thursday, April 23, 2009

Michelle, married!

As some of you know, Michelle and Ryan, friends of ours, got married last Saturday!
I've been friends with Michelle for since I was 7 and she was 10, and I was one of her bridesmaids. It was my first time being a "real bridesmaid". I was a junior bridesmaid in my aunt's wedding when I was ten, but that's not really the same. (Junior bridesmaids are basically promoted flower-girls, ha.)

It was a beautiful wedding. I didn't cry, but I got close at one point. There came the part of the ceremony where Michelle and Ryan gave roses to their mothers, and they surprised everyone, including me, by giving a rose to both my mom and to Mrs. S. (There is a traditional "joke" about Michelle being "adopted" into our family, and also the S. family. ) I wish I could've gotten a video of their expressions! It was very special.

The reception was lots of fun - there was great dance music! Got to put that ballroom dancing to use... waltzed with Dad and Chris and swing-danced with Valerie, Laura, and Morgan. :D

Sometimes it's hard to believe that she's actually married now. It feels so right, though, and I know God orchestrated it just the way He pleased. All my prayers and congratulations, Michelle and Ryan! God bless you in this new part of your life!

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  1. So they officially tied the knot. ;-)- It looks awesome from the pictures. At my Mom's wedding (to Dave), Ben and I got to walk her down the aisle. It was really awesome. A good excuse to buy my first tailored suit jacket, lol.

    Who did the hitching? Pastor Bob or Pastor Len, I assume. You and Hannah look nice as bridesmaids.

    So, other than major life events like one of your best friends getting married what else is up? Still working at la biblioteca?

    I will be graduating soon, and then in the fall I will be transferring to Illinois State...already put the deposit down on an apartment I'll be sharing with Joel. More on that later. Hopefully I will see you guys before I go! How's squaredancing?

    Lots of cool exciting and somewhat scary events have transpired in my life in the past few months. Have to tell you about them sometime.

    Anyways, ttyl.