Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Rink! (pictures and video)

It's here! After many hours of cold, hard work, our backyard ice rink is up and functional! We are having lots of fun, especially Valerie, Stephanie, and I. We three have used it almost every day. It's 35 x 45 sq. ft. We thought it was funny to tell people that we used buckets to fill it, but actually we used hoses. (More than one because our back faucet stopped working for some reason.) We were very careful to not let water freeze in them.

Chris putting some water in the rink.

A couple kids out on the ice. Closer zoom-up from the same day.

It's great having our own private rink. You can do anything from "change direction whenever you want" to, what else, square dance! :) (Sorry for anyone who can't watch the below video... it's not too amazing :P)


  1. That's awesome! Is it relatively smooth? I like the ice square dancing. "You know you are a die hard square dancing angel when..." lol! That is sweet though.

  2. I love it! That looks like so much fun! The only ice skating I've ever done is in a barn yard in muck boots! :)

    I know I would be falling down left and right, trying to square dance on ice! You guys are really good skaters!


  3. Say, how did you get the pictures to be like that, small but expandable? Is it how you host them? HTML code? How do ya do it? :) I don't like how blogger puts em up.